Understanding peoples habit: comic collection

Comic has interests people from all walks of life and any age. We can see not just children but adults are into comics. Comics is not just an entertainment but also an art that express people’s emotions, understanding, ideas, opinion, education, love and any kind of topic that you can think of. Newspapers contain comics that the story continues with every publication. When one story ends another begins. There are magazines that full of comic stories that are published monthly. Some are made into books being compiled and have one full or few whole stories. It is easy to fall in love with comics as there are different characters that you can relate or admire just like in movies that have human characters portraying it. Others who have come to love comics are so addicted that they also collect comic books, magazines, newspapers or anything that has connection to it. We can see even today many old comic books that are being sold in cheap prices. Those who love comics before come to remember the days they were entertained by it. They suddenly find themselves reading through the pages. Comic reading is like reading other literary form of arts. You get to be entertained and you can have your own hero. But sometimes collecting all this comic related stuff is not that advisable as they can be just worthless at the passage of time. There are helpful site you can visit for more reading.