What is the difference between manga and anime?

have you think about this question before? Manga is a Japanese word for a comic book. Anime is a shorter version of the word animation. Which means animated movies. or series or TV shows in Japan, and exclusively these two terms are reserved only for Japanese creations.Of course there are manga that actually come from other countries, but they are called differently, Manga inspired comics from Japan are called manga. manga comics from english speaking countries are called original english language, manga or OEL manga.

And the man responsible for manga we know today is Osamu Tezuka. He is the god father of manga, the creator of manga we know today, this man created over 700 manga titles, anime manga are actually for all genders and all ages, so we have anime for little kids, that genre is called Kodomo. We have Shonen for young boys and teenagers. We have Shojo meant for young boys and teenage girls, but we don’t discriminate, because a lot of people me for example, love to watch naruto titles because they are so fun.

There are also more adult story for adult men like seinen for adult men. featuring detective stories and a lot of complicated plot lines also there is a female version of that called josei. there are much more movies in anime that more people like, and all these kind of things are just the same with the imagination of people in their minds. some movies are fun but some are not.