The marvel and anime

Most college male and female students or even graduate students or even adult now a days totally love to watch anime or marvel movies. talking about anime and marvel movies there are many movies and videos that we  can watch like the dragon ball Z, Naruto, bleach, and also Xmen, the flash, justice league, Iron man, also these movies and videos. comes from a comic books that is read even until today by most people inside this global village the earth.

Now more and more movies about something supernatural unleashed powers, incredible powers of man in a movie, is released because more and more people like to watch this kind of movie, something that is unreal, normally because there is the imagination of people that maybe those powers can be real in the reality, so that is why from manga or anime or marvel comics, they make a movie for it so that many people can see and have hope for this illusion world of manga and anime and marvel.

truly our technology is very high now, and people think of more and more things to upgrade more our high technology. before they just draw the comics manga or comics marvel in a piece of paper but because of the unstoppable growth of our society, they already have the tools to put it into a movie. that is how great the technology these day. and also they also have used but from that. we can see high powered computers to draw the anime or marvel today