Have you ever wondered what is it about anime, that makes it well quite simply the best.or more particularly what is the best thing about anime, what is it that makes this one genre so popular  and so long lasting compared to other cartoon style. me and my team of extremely qualified scientist have dug deep into the mysteries and have come up with possibly, possibly a few solutions that could be, could possibly be  the reason why anime is the  best, for those of you who don’t like

Actually most people love anime its because most of the people like fantasies and something like the power of men, they can’t do ti in the real world but in anime they can watch it and its free, some cases like flying in super hyper speed, having a bolt of lightening in their arms and hitting somebody with it , having a too much power to have authority and to destroy the world, most of the people put their efforts n watching these  and they imagine that they are the real identity of the hero in the story. anime is the longest lasting film in the world in this dimension people can se things that they can see within this world because our world is limited, and we cannot even fly. as anime is beyond the limits, many people are happy to see things that cannot be done in these world like traveling in he speed of light or entering a portal that goes to other universe or multiverse. such thing can be made through anime and many people imagine those things can be possible, but it is only possibly in our imaginations.