Superheroes  are mass culture, but comic books are niche, Tens of million of people saw captain america: civil war, but this past may, marvel only sold 177000 copies of civil war II, But of you took marvel’s opening credit and replaced this  with these, even a people who’d never touched a comic book page would notice, everybody know’s the comic book font. How could there be a universally recognized font for something that, for a half century was written by a hand, is it a hand at all? How is that possible?these fonts are made by people called letterers.


normally if we ask people today they don’t read comic books why??? most people said that they don’t read comic books it is because of the rapid growth of technology, now a days they do’t want to go to the book store to buy books and read them in house, instead they go to the movie theater and watch the movie that they want there. it is less effort and do not spend much time reading them. and you do not spend much money buying books at the stores but……….

For some people who truly love who afford to have much time, and have much money they still continue to read this comic books and spend much for them because for them reading this books are a hobby and they really love it, most of the readers are teenagers. but since our world has totally advance, we can see that it is more fun to see moving objects than it is freeze giving effort to turn the pages, one at a time.