How to draw comics

Hi welcome welcome to this web based learning program about how to make comics.

you probably know a bit since you found this page, you may even know more than me, But I hope through this teaching, I may give you some inspiration and maybe help you look at some new perspective on things.

What so great about making comics is that you can tell any story without spending a dime, you can have three headed monsters, exploding spaceships or hordes of gun toting elephants, anything you want as long as you can draw it, and of you can’t draw it right now, well I have a few tips for you, I’ll also be going over how to write and plan your story, so you dint end up in the ditch like so many other inspiring  comic book artist, I’m constantly learning new things myself and I try to share  what I learn as much as possible.

A lot of cartoonist start with a blank page and a vague idea of what they want to do. I don’t recommend doing that.

What usually happens is that you are all fired up when you draw the first page or two then the story gets stuck for your interest windles. Usually when you get to something that’s hard to draw. now while there creators out there who do great work without so much as the written out line, I will always, always work out a script, before I start with the drawing, this doesn’t have to be a full script with each picture,described specially if your going to be drawing it yourself there are no rule to how  your script should look but looking at the movie scripts can be a good inspiration